Thermometer TM-917 Lutron Made in Taiwan

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Model: TM-917
Brand: Lutron
Country of Origin: Taiwan


Thermometer TM-917 Lutron Made in Taiwan

TM 917 Digital Thermometer is one gauge that can measure temperature or temperature with great care and with a short time. This temperature measuring device can do testing or measurement easily without making a user of this device shock. This is one meter that can measure temperature or temperature very accurately and in a short time.


  • Accept multi-type temp. probe input: platinum PT 100ohm, thermocouple type K/J/T/E/R
  • With 0.01 high resolution both for Platinum & Thermocouple probe input
  • PT 100 probe input cooperate with an 0.00385 alpha coefficient, meet DIN IEC 751
  • Cooperate with 4 wires Pt-100 ohm probe, high precision
  • Wide range display from (-100-1370)℃ ( type k )
  • Build-in ℃ & ℉ select button on the front panel
  • Build-in 0.01 & 0.1 select switches on the front panel
  • Data hold function
  • Memory function to record the maximum & minimum reading
  • Build the REL. button, useful for relative measurement
  • Built-in low battery indicator



  • Model No: TM-917
    Type of Product: Precision Thermometer
    Sub Type: Platinum Type
    Range In Celcius: -199.99 – 850.0℃
    Range In Farenhite: -199.99 – 1562.0℉
    Resolution: 0.01˚C/0.1˚C
    Operating Temperature: 0℃ – 50℃, <80% RH
    Power Supply: 9V Battery “6P”
    Weight: 285 g
    Standard Accessories: Operational manual….. 1 PC
    Dimensions Lx W x H (mm): 180x72x32 mm


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