Digital Centrifuge DSC-303SD DG SYSTEM TAIWAN

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Digital Centrifuge 
Model: DSC-303SD, Brand: DG SYSTEM
Country of Origin: Taiwan


Digital Centrifuge DSC-303SD DG SYSTEM TAIWAN

Digital Centrifuge is equipped with digital speed display, so users can set required speed accurately with no overshoot. Metal housing is sturdy and durable.


  • Auto-balancing system can extend motor life and reduce noise.
  • With safety interlock, it can prevent the lid from being opened during operation.
  • Forced fan air convection prevents the motor from overheating.
  • Precision digital timer can be set to 30 minutes with 1 sec. increment. Digital speed setting is with 100rpm increment.
  • DSC-302SD can offer short runs by pushing the function key.
  • LED digital display enables users to monitor the time, speed and RCF value.
  • Automatic brake system can offer rapid deceleration.
  • DSC-303SD features a see-through window.
  • The lid will be opened automatically once the rotor stops spinning.
  • Quality certificate: ISO 9001, ISO 13485.
  • Specification

  • Model DSC-303SD
    Order number DSC-1512SD-3 DSC-1524SD-3 DSC-5006SD-3 DSC-303SD-SH DSC-N1512SD-3
    Speed 200~4000rpm 200~4000rpm 200~4000rpm 200~4000rpm 200~6000rpm
    Timer 0~30 min. digital timer
    Motor DC Brushless motor
    Display LED digital display for time, speed and RCF
    Rotor AR-1512 AR-1524 AR-5006 SB-071550 UAR-1512
    Rotor type 45∘angle 45∘angle 45∘angle Swing-out 45∘angle
    Max. R.C.F. 2,325g 2,325g 2,307g 2,683g 5,151g
    Capacity 12x(1.5~15)ml 24x(1.5~15)ml 6x50ml 16x(5~7)ml
    Standard accessory (1.5~2.0)ml &(5~7)ml & (10~15)ml tube adapter (1.5~2.0)ml &(5~7)ml & (10~15)ml tube adapter 50ml tube adapter (5~7)ml, (10~15)ml, and 50ml tube adapter (1.5~2.0)ml &(5~7)ml & (10~15)ml tube adapter
    Weight (kg) N.W. 19.0 / G.W. 21.0
    Overall dimension W390xD505xH290mm
    Power supply AC 100~240V 50/60Hz

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