Anemometer-Lutorn AM-4206M Made in Taiwan

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Model: AM-4206M
Brand: Lutron
Country of Origin: Taiwan


Anemometer-Lutorn AM-4206M Made in Taiwan

      • Air Velocity Measuring Range: 0.12875.0 m/s; Accuracy: ±(2% + 0.2 m/s ); Resolution: 0.1 m/s ; Air Temperature Measuring Range: 0°C to 80°C; Accuracy:0.8°C(<60°C); Resolution: 0.1°C|
        • Air Flow CFM Measuring Range: 0 – 999,900 ft
        • 3/min; Area:0.001 – 9,999 ft
        • 2/min; Resolution:0.001 – 100 ft
        • Display: 13 mm (0.5″) Super large LCD display, Dual function meter’s display| Sampling Time:
        • 0.8 sec.Data Output: RS 232 PC serial interface| Memory Recall: Record maximum & minimum reading value with recall|
        • Operating Temperature: Meter: 0°C to 50°C ( 32°F to 122°F)| Probe: 0°C to 80°C /32°F to 176°F| Power Supply: Alkaline or heavy duty type DC 9V battery, 006P, MN1604 (PP3) or equivalent
        • Accessories Included: Instruction manual, Sensor probe, Carrying case| Weight: 381 g/0.84 LB| Applications: Check Air Conditioning & Heating Systems, measure air velocities, wind speeds, temperature.etc.


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