Circulating Vacuum Pump Solvent Extractors SER 148/6 VELP Italy

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Solvent Extractors
Model: SER 148/6
Brand: VELP
Country of Origin: Italy

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Solvent Extractors SER 148/6 VELP Italy

  • The SER 148/3 and SER 148/6 can be used to separate a substance or a group of elements from solid and semi-solid samples according to the Randall technique (consisting of Immersion, washing and solvent Recovery).

    As for the automatic version SER 158, the main field of application is the determination of the content of soluble products such as fats, detergents, plasticizers and pesticides in food, animal feeds, detergents, rubber and plastic formulas, pharmaceutical products, soil.

    The SER 148 Series is a semi-automatic solution with no compromises on operator safety (IP55) and solvent consumption also guaranteeing a limited cost per analysis.

    Combined to HU6 Hydrolysis Unit, is possible to use the same crucibles to prevent any possible sample loss between the two units.

    Perform single or multiple solvent extractions with Randall method, an improvement of Soxhlet technique, as hot solvents are used to speed up the analysis. In fact, the fast solubilization made by hot solvent permits a considerable reduction of the extraction time (approx. 90 minutes).

    The extraction is made by immersion of the sample in the boiling solvent, followed by a rinsing phase with cold solvent.

    Maximum reproducibility is ensured, as well as a high recovery rate of the solvent used.

    SER Series can be used with a wide range of sample types and with a variety of solvents, for increased flexibility.


Number of samples: SER 148/3 3 positions
SER 148/6 6 positions
2 Displays: working temperature / settable parameters
Reproducibility (RSD): ≤ 1%
Solvent recovery: from 50 to 75%
Max volume extraction cup: 150 ml
Number of programs: 29
Working temperature: from 100 to 260 °C
Cooling water: 2 l/min
Sample quantity: from 0,5 to 15 g (generally 2-3 g)
Solvent volume: from 30 to 100 ml
Immersion time: from 0 to 999 minutes
Washing time: from 0 to 999 minutes
Recovery time: from 0 to 999 minutes
Construction material: epoxy painted stainless steel structure
Dimensions (WxHxD): SER 148/3 480x620x390 mm (18.9×24.4×15.4 in)
SER 148/6 700x620x390 mm (27.6×24.4×15.4 in)
Weight: SER 148/3 30 Kg (66 lb)
SER 148/6 40 Kg (88 lb)
Power: SER 148/3 500 W
SER 148/6 950 W


VELP Italy


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