Leak Tester Drick Model DRK134

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Leak Tester
Brand: Drick
Country of Origin: China

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Leak Tester Drick Model DRK134

Key Feature:

DRK134 Leak Tester is an advanced and intelligent tester designed according to related standard. It is applicable to test the seal property of flexible pack in food industry, pharmacy industry and daily chemical industry.

Product Features
Micro-computer control, LCD display, PVC operation board;
Digital preset vacuum degree and vacuum maintenance time;
World famous pneumatic components;
Automatic supplementation for constant pressure;
Automatic ending;
Automatic reverse-pressure unloading.
Product Application

Seal property test, leakage test, package completeness test, micro-leakage test, CO2 leak detection of bags, blister packaging, bottle, etc.
1. Food industry
Flexible package: milk power in bags, cheese, coffee strip /bag, moon cake package, sachet, snake food package, tea bag, rice in bag, chips package, cake package, puffed food package, tetra pak, wet tissue bag, melon seeds bag.




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