Differential Cell Counter 309DF/312DF

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Differential Cell Counter 

Model: 309DF/312DF, Brand: HST
Country of Origin: China


Differential  Cell Counter 

Our Differential Counter are designed for the efficiency to be required in your hematology and let you count faster and have less fatigue with soft-touch keys than you have ever experienced on a mechanical counter.

  • A Separate 2-digit display for each cell type
  • A 3-digit display for the total number of cells
  • Countable up to 999 (312DF)

Key Functions:

  • CLEAR  : Clears all channels
  • Counting Keys : Each key enters a count into a separate channel and into the TOTAL channel
  • NON TOTAL  : Enters a count into a separate channel, but not into the TOTAL
  • T/% : Total, otherwise calculating percentage (312DF)
  • CONTI            : You can get counts more than 100 (312DF)
  • +/-                   :  Adding or subtracting the number counted by S/P key to totalize (312DF)


Model 309DF 312DF
Key Pad & Function 9 Counting Key plus CLEAR Key 12 Counting Keys plus T/%, +/-& CLEAR Key
Total Counts Countable up to 100 Countable up to 999
Housing Material ABS Resin Body & Chenmical Resistance Keypad Film
Dimensions W 180 X D250 X H85mm
Required Power 5 Wait
Net Weight 1 Kgs
Voltage Voltage Options : 100V, 110V, 220V, 230V or 240V (50/60Hz)

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