Colony Counter Digital J-2 China

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Colony Counter Digital
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Model: J2
Brand: N/A
Country of Origin: China

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Colony Counter Digital J-2 China

— Compact structure makes it less space occupation. Adapted for various environment.
— The LED light can be adjusted to make an ideal perspective for the operator.
— It will beeps while counting, which can avoid wrong counting.
— Unique Up-light source makes it convenient to count bacteria that is hard to observe.
— Specified designed counting pen to ensure no omit of the cells.
— Wide-range voltage design. Avoid the interference to the equipment by instable voltage.


Technical Data: J-2 J-3
Lighting Matrix LED(White light) Matrix LED(White light)
Digital display 3 digits 3 digits
Counting range 0-999 0-999
Compatible petri dish 50-90mm 50-150mm
Input voltasge(frequency) AC 100-240V(50/60Hz) AC 100-240V(50/60Hz)
Input power 20W 40W
Magnification 3-9 Times 3-9 Times
Protective class IP21 IP21
Permissble ambient temperature 80% 80%
Permissible relative moisture 5-50℃ 5-50℃
Dimensions 255×210×160mm 360×300×180mm
Net.Weight 2.2kg 4.0kg



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