Platinum Crucibles 25ml Up to 1700°C Nickel Electro UK

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Platinum Crucibles 25ml Up to 1700°C Nickel Electro UK



Laboratory Platinum Crucibles are durable, have high resistance to chemical corrosion and able to cope with elevated temperatures up to 1200°C.

Dimensions – guide

Diameter = 35mm.

Nominal capacity 25ml

Supplied in singles, natural finish.

The above listing is a guide on resistance or otherwise of platinum crucibles, it’s not an exhaustive guide. Therefore we recommend any new or unknown compounds, heated for first time in your laboratory, a test is undertaken with a proven/old platinum crucible in first instance.

Lids are available.

Since this is a rare metal its subject to daily exchange and metal price fluctuations, please enquire at latest prices.

Heating/Cooling Information

Platinum crucibles are soft at room temperature, deformation increases between 700°C – 1000°C as the temperature increases.

Recommended maximum process temperature 1200°C.

During heating and cooling platinum crucibles only handle or touch with either platinum tipped or ceramic coated instruments/surfaces.


Platinum crucibles can become damaged, decay or fail:

with low melting point metals such as tin, antimony and bismuth.

using unknown compounds, heated for first time.

heating in presence of carbon yellow flame – always use oxygen rich oxidising flame.

when associated with following elements, silicone, lead, antimony and phosphorus, which may be airborne or nearby during heating.

with sulphur.

there are evaporation losses of platinum, even at room temperature a film of platinum oxide builds up, elevated temperatures oxidisation accelerates evaporating in use.

unnecessarito ly heating crucibles for long periods of time since this coarsens the grain structure leading to cracking and embrittlement.

when heated in furnaces the ceramic floor of the furnace must be free of contaminates and airborne contamination.

if heating a number in furnaces keep them apart to avoid fusing together.

placing near or directly on heating elements within furnaces.



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