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Model: SH-DO-9FG
Country of Origin: KOREA


Drying Oven with Air Filter 

– Clean air circulation with 100CLASS

– Stainless Steel Internal Chamber with shelves
– Excellent temperature uniformity and accuracy

– Alarm function for Filter replacement timing for convenient maintenance

– Durable structure against continuous operation

– Safety assurance with C.E conformity


Model SH-DO-90FG
Air Circulation type  Forced with Air Filter
Temp Range  Ambient +10℃ to 250℃ (Ambient +18℉ to 482℉)
Time Range 00.00 to 99HR 59MIN (MIN SEC) Selectable Digital Counter Timer
Temp&Time controller Microprocess PID Membrane Touch Digital controller
Heater Cap 1500 W
Dimension Internal




Dimension External




Weight 110 kg
Capa 90 L
Material Internal Stainless Steel
Material External Steel Plate With Powder Heating Coated
Shelves 2 Supplied (12 Maximum)
Electrical Requirements

120V ,50/60Hz, 1Φ

14 A
Cat. No. DO90FG120HF
Electrical Requirements

230V,50/60Hz, 1Φ

7 A
Cat. No. DO90FG230HF


  • Accessory

-Movable stainless wire shelves 2EA


-Programmable controller

-Digital recorder

-2CH Hybrid recorder

-RS-485 interface

-RS-232C interface

Safety Device

-Automatic reset function incoming power cut

-Buzzer on when set time arrived

-Door open alarm

-Electric leakage breaker

-Over temp function

-Fire safety controller

Drying Oven with Air Filter


This version of the forced convection drying oven comes with an air filter. This unit is perfect for samples that need a completely dust-free environment. This addition is beneficial for drying and sterilization processes.

Excellent Clean Air Distribution

– Air circulation type by means of filtering causes an low state of wind velocity and flow volume as it goes through the filter made in high density. Therefore, air distribution degree and thermal uniformity will be decreasing considerably. Regardless of this restriction, our Clean Drying Oven has improved uniformity of air and temperature under low air velocity and low air flow volume by making air flow layer inside door.

  • Excellent Filter Durability

– The Hepa filter used our Clean Drying Oven is not a common filter in for clean bench.

It is developed for an excellent durability under a high temperature and a heavy air flow environment.

  • Vertical Stand

– Vertical design for space effectiveness

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