Laminar Air Flow Cabinet SH-HD-1500V SH Scientific Korea

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Laminar Air Flow Cabinet
Model: SH-HD-1500V
Brand: SH Scientific
Country of Origin: Korea

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Laminar Air Flow Cabinet SH-HD-1500V SH Scientific Korea


The Laminar Clean Bench(Laminar Flow Clean Bench) is suitable for use within a manufacturing area, laboratory, or cleanroom. This unit protects sensitive samples and processes from airborne particulate.

Only extreme air passing down over the process is ensured through the HEPA filtered unidirectional downflow. This method guarantees that air will be free of any particles and that any particles generated from the process will be pushed away, maintaining it contamination-free area.

– Excellent laminar flow formation

– Alarm function for filter replacement timing. 

– Detachable for upper workstation and lower base stand

– Maximized workstation space

– Easy and convenient replacement of consumables

– Auxiliary utilities to support operation

– Automatic UV lamp off when the door opening

– Emergency stop button for safety


  • Specification:





Laminar Vertical Down Flow

Dimension Internal


Dimension External




190 kg

Control System

Microprocessor LCD Digital Controller

Main Filter

HEPA Filter 0.3㎛ 99.97% efficient filter

Material External

Steel Plate with Powder Heating Coated

Working Table

Stainless Steel

Illumination LED Lamp

20W, Length 1200mm

Illumination UV Lamp

32W x 1EA

Winding Velocity

0.2~2.3M/Sec, 10 step adjustable


Below to Class 100

Door Type

Tempered 5T Glass by Weight Balance

Electrical Requirements

120V, 230V, 50/60Hz, 1Φ

  • Option

-Air & Gas port


  • Safety Device

-Fan motor overload protection

-Automatic reset function incoming power cut

-Buzzer on and UV lamp cut off when the set time arrived

-Automatic UV lamp off function against the door opening

-Emergency stop button

Laminar Flow Sheet

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