Vibration Meter VB-8200 Lutron Made in Taiwan

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Vibration Meter
Model: VB-8200
Brand: Lutron
Country of Origin: Taiwan


Vibration Meter VB-8200 Lutron Made in Taiwan

    VB 8200 Vibration Meter is sure to provide precise measurements in a quick time. Its microcomputer circuit provides excellent performance. Made from superior-grade materials, this meter provides long-lasting and dependable usage.

    Established in 1976, Lutron provides the most comprehensive and professional instruments to over 70 countries in the world.


  • Range: 2,000/20,000/50,000 Lux
  • Output: 4 to 20 mA, DC
  • Power: 90-260 ACV Features:
  • Industrial vibration detection applications
  • (All industrial machines will vibrate. The vibration amplitude can reflect the situation of the machine.
  • Poor balance, positioning, and loosening of the parts will cause an increase in vibration,
  • This means that the machine needs repair.)
  • Can be measured frequency from 10HzTo1kHz, The relative sensitivity of ISO2954 Level.
  • An instrument with a full set of vibration probes and magic tips.
  • Can velocimetry rate200mm/s
  • RMSAndPeakMeasuring
  • Wide measurement range
  • Data Hold to lock reading
  • Memory function can be recorded and transferred out peak
  • Independent vibration of the probe to facilitate measurement
  • RS-232Even the puter interface
  • Optional dedicated data processing software
  • Large LCD display
  • LSI to make more reliable and stable readings
  • Auto power off function
  • Low battery indicator
  • High-quality placement Box
  • Hard carrying case



  • Show: 61mm×34mmLarge LCD display
  • 15mmDot pitch
  • Measuring: Rate acceleratedRMSValue, peak, Data Hold, maximum, minimum
  • Range : Rate:200mm/s:0.5-199.9mm/s
  • Acceleration:200m/ s2:0.5-199.9m/ s2
  • Measuring range: 10Hz To 1KHz
  • Relative sensitivity ofISO2954Level
  • Accuracy : ±(5%+2d) Readings,160Hz,80Hz. 23±5
  • Calibration point :
  • Rate:50mm/s
  • Acceleration:50m/ s2
  • Circuit: Dedicated microprocessor circuit
  • Data Hold: Lock reading
  • Peak measurement :
  • Measuring the peak
  • Peak=1.414RMS
  • Memory function :(Small) value
  • Shutdown :
  • Automatically shut down or manually shut down
  • Sampling time: Approximately1Second
  • Data output: RS232Even theputer interface
  • Operating Temperature: 0To50
  • Operating Humidity: Lower than80%RH
  • Power supply: 9Volt alkaline battery
  • Weight: The main table: 230g
  • Probe: 38g
  • Size: The main table:180×72×32mm
  • Probe:19mmDiameter×21mm
  • Contains an attachment :
  • Instructions 1PC
  • Probe 1PC
  • Connection 1PC
  • Tool Box 1PC
  • Carrying Case 1PC
  • Optional Accessories
  • Software (Windows version, data logging and putting)
  • SW-U801-WIN
  • RS232Data lines
  • UPCB-01



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