UV Light Meter UV-340A Lutron Made in Taiwan

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UV Light Meter
Model: UV-340A
Brand: Lutron
Country of Origin: Taiwan

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UV Light Meter UV-340A Lutron Made in Taiwan



  • Professional, high quality UV meter.
  • Ultra-violet irradiation measurement for UVA & UVB.
  • UV detector spectrum from 290 nm to 390 nm.
  • Hi, Lo measurement range. 19990 and 1999 uW/cm^2.
  • Exclusive UV sensor structure.
  • Sensor with cosine correction filter.
  • Build Zero button.
  • Microprocessor circuit provides high reliability and durability.
  • Separate UV LIGHT probe allows user to measure the UV light at an optimum position.
  • LCD display, easy readout.
  • Heavy duty & compact housing case


  • Dispaly: LCD(size: 18 x 45mm),Max indication 1999
  • Measurement ranges&resolution: 2 ranges: Hi&Lo range
  • Lo range: 1999 uW/cm^2 x 1uW/cm^2
  • Hi range: 19990 uW/cm^2 x 10uW/cm^2
  • *1000 uW/cm^2 =1 mW/cm^2
  • UV sensor spectrum: Band pass 290nm to 390nm
  • Accuracy:
  • +/-(4%FS+2dgt)  FS: full scale
  • *Calibration is excuted under the UVA light and compare with standard UVA light meter
  • *Spec.tested under the environment RF Fiedlt Strength less tand 3V/m& frequency less than 30MHz only
  • Sensor structure: The exluxive UV photo sensor with cosine correction filter
  • Sample time: Aporox.1sec
  • Sensor structure: Microprocess circuit
  • Over range indication: Indication of “- – – -“
  • Weight: 251g/0.55LB
  • Operating Temp/Humidity: 0~50C degree,less than 85%R.H.
  • Power supply: DC 9V batter,006P,MN 1604(PP3) or equivalent
  • Power consumption: Approx. DC6mA
  • Size: Main instrument 1131 x 70 x 25mm
  • Sensor probe head 45mm dia x 32mm
  • Sensor probe handle 125 x 24mm dia
  • Accessories included: Instruction manual,UV sensor probe



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