Dessiccator SH-VDS-12 Korea

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Vaccum Dessiccator  
Model: SH-VDS-12, Brand: SH-SCIENTIFIC
Country of Origin: Korea


Vaccum Dessiccator 

  • The Vacuum Desiccator is a sealed and PMMA cabinet that provides dust-free and corrosion-free environments ideal for the storage of moisture-sensitive materials such as halide salt cells and chromatography plates. Rapid drying of the stored products is also guaranteed through the vacuum inside the equipment.

  • Specification

  • Model No. SH-VDS-12
    Dimension Internal




    Material Body PMMA
     Component Valves 8MM VALVE 2EA
    Gauge Vacuum gauge
    Dehumidifier Silica tray
    Shelves  2 EA

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