Soil Moisture Meter Lutron Taiwan (PMS-714)

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Soil Moisture Meter Lutron Taiwan (PMS-714)
Model: PMS-714

Brand: Lutron
Country of Origin: Taiwan



Soil Moisture Meter Lutron Taiwan (PMS-714)

About this product

The Lutron PMS-714 Moisture Meter is designed to measure the moisture content of soil and has a measurement range of 0 to 50% with 0.1% resolution. The microprocessor circuit ensures high accuracy and the durable ABS-plastic housing means it is ideal for use in the field. The built-in LCD screen makes the meter easy to read and a data hold function allows you to freeze the current value on the display. The meter will show max/min functions and also has a low battery indicator.

Powered by 4 x AAA batteries.


* Applications: Designed to check the moisture level of soil or other similar material
* Display: LCD size: 28mm x 19mm
* Measurement range: 0% to 50% moisture content
* Resolution: 0.1%
* Accuracy: ± 5% at 23 ± 5°C
* Circuit: Custom microprocessor LSI circuit
* Probe: 2-pin moisture electrode
* Data hold: Freeze the display reading
* Sampling time: Approx. 0.8 seconds
* Operating temperature: 0 to 50°C
* Operating humidity: Less than 80%
* Power supply: DC 1.5V battery (UM4/AAA) x 4
* Power current: Approx. DC 12mA
* Weight: 267g / 0.58lb including batteries
* Dimensions (meter body): 172 x 40 x 40mm
* Dimensions (probe): 220mm x 10mm diameter
* Total length: 392mm


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