Muffle Furnace 1200℃ Nabertherm LT 3/12 Germany

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Muffle Furnace 1200℃  LT 3/12 Germany
Model:LT 3/12

Brand: Nabertherm

Country of Origin: Germany 

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Muffle Furnace 1200℃ Nabertherm LT 3/12 Germany

Nabertherm 1200°C High Performance Muffle Furnace L(T) 3/12
MSE Supplies offers a High Performance Muffle Furnace L(T) 3/12 with maximum operation temperature of 1200°C and capacity of 3L. The L../12 models have been proven popular for daily laboratory use, such as metal heat treatment, catalysts, etc.. They stand out for their excellent workmanship, advanced and attractive design, and high level of reliability. The muffle furnaces come equipped with either a flap door or lift door at no extra charge.

Buy Nabertherm laboratory furnaces from MSE Supplies with the best price. Nabertherm is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laboratory furnaces based in Germany. Nabertherm offers a wide range of muffle furnaces, drying ovens, high-temperature or tube furnaces.

Country of Origin: Made in Germany

Manufacturer: Nabertherm GmbH

Main Features:
· Tmax 1200°C (recommended long time working temperature:1100°C)
· Heating from two sides by ceramic heating plates for an optimal temperature uniformity
· Thermocouple type: type S
· Ceramic heating plates with integral heating element which is safeguarded and easy to replace
· Optional flap door (Model: L) which can be used as work platform or lift door (Model: LT) with hot surface facing away from the operator
· Adjustable air inlet integrated in door
· Exhaust air outlet in rear wall of furnace
· Controller B510 (5 programs with each 4 segments) / C550 (10 programs with each 20 segments), you can control multiple furnaces remotely with app on your smartphone!

· Chimney, chimney with fan or catalytic converter
· Over-temperature limiter with adjustable cutout temperature as temperature limiter to protect the oven and load
· Protective gas connection to purge with non-flammable protective or reaction gases (not available in combination with chimney, chimney with fan or catalytic converter) not gas tight
· Manual or automatic gas supply system
· Port for thermocouple in the rear wall or in the furnace door
· Please contact us for more accessories

Technical Data:
Model L(T) 3/12
Tmax (°C) 1200°C (1100°C for long time heating)
Inner Dimensions (mm) 160x140x110
Outer Dimensions (mm) 385x330x405 (may vary with different accessories)
Capacity (L) 3
Temperature Uniformity +/- 5°C in empty work space above 800°C
Power Supply (kW) 1.2
Electrical Connection
Single phase 120V as default

Single phase 208V and 240V as optional

Weight (kg) 20
Time Needed to Reach Tmax 45min for empty and closed furnace




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