Laminar Flow Cabinet Protect operator and environment CJ-600N TOPLINE USA

Laminar Flow Cabinet Protect operator and environment
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Model: CJ-600N
Country of Origin: TOPLINE


Laminar Flow Cabinet Protect experiment samples CJ-600P TOPLINE USA

1. HEPA filter with efficiency: 99.9999% at 0.3um.

2. Microprocessor control system, LED Display.

3. Manual front window is 5mm toughened glass, anti-ultraviolet rad啦on.

4. Air speed adjustable.

5. Desktop type, with a handle, saving space and easy to move.

6. Pre-filter is polyester fiber, washable and anti-ultraviolet radiation.

7. Automatic cutting off UV lamp function by opening glass.


Model CJ-600P CJ-600N
Application Scope Protect experiment samples Protect operator and environment
Airflow Direction Vertical
Function Cleanliness Class 100
HEPA Filter ≥99.9% of 0.5um particle
Colony Count 0.5/vessel (petri dish is φ90mm )
Wind Speed initial:0.6(m/s) ;final:0.2 (m/s)
Wind Speed Range 0.2-0.6 (m/s)
Noise Level ≤62db
Vibration Semi-Peak Value ≤3um
Work surface bearing 10kg
Composition Inner Chamber SUS304 Stainless steel plate
Outer Shell Cold rolling steel electrostatic spraying exterior
Operation door Tempered glass
Operation door biggest opening 310mm
Pre-Filter Polyurethane
LED Lamp 8W*1
UV Lamp 8W*1
Top Fan 90W one piece
Controller Display LED
Wind Speed Control Intelligent multi-level adjustable
Additional Function One key to open and close lighting sterilization
Specification Inner Size (W*L*H)(mm) 480*340*370
Exterior Size (W*L*H)(mm) 550*460*700
Packing Size (W*L*H)(mm) 680*590*850
Max Power 0.11kW
Current Rating (50/60Hz) AC220V/0.5A
NW/GW kg 36/41
Optional Accessories No

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