Moisture Meter MS 700 Lutron Made in Taiwan

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Moisture Meter
Model: MS 7000
Brand: Lutron
Country of Origin: Taiwan


Humidity+Thermometer+Barometer MHB-382SD Lutron Taiwan


  • 9 material species groups in memory.
  • Calibrations for about 150 different species of wood/timber are provided.
  • Super large LCD with dual display.
  • Built-in self-calibration circuit by push button on front panel.
  • Data Output – RS 232 PC serial interface.
  • Custom one-chip of microprocessor LSI circuit.
  • Auto shut off, saves battery life, or manual off by push button.
  • Sampling Time – Approx. 0.8 second.


  • Type: Digital Moisture Meter
  • Model No: MS-7000
  • Display: 13 mm ( 0.5″)
  • Measuring Range: 9 to 30%
  • Operating Environment: 0°-50°C, < 80% RH.
  • Dimensions TxWxH (mm): 180x72x32 mm
  • Power: 9V battery (6P)
  • Weight (g): 330g


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