KERN Moisture analyzer – Balance – DBS 60-3

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KERN Moisture analyzer – Balance – DBS 60-3


Automatic end-point determination omits the need for programming the switch-off criterion.

  • Simple to use
  • Reliably determines the moisture content of a sample to check if it meets specifications
  • Two metal heating elements dry the sample and deliver reliable results
  • Information on the compact display is limited to the key data. Icons guide the operator
  • Particularly well suited for use on the factory floor, e.g., during goods-in inspection


Drying Programs Standard
Switch-off criteria Automatic
Temperature Increments 1 °C
Maximum Capacity 35 g
Readability MC 0.01%
Repeatability MC ± (Sample Weight) 0.15 %; 0.05 % (2 g; 10 g)
Method Memory 1
Temperature Range 122 °F – 320 °F (50 °C – 160 °C)
Heating Technology Infrared; Metal Heating
Display Mode %MC; %DC; g; %AM; %AD
Languages English; German; French; Italian; Spanish; Portuguese; Japanese; Russian
Change protection Yes
Built-in method library N/A
Material Number(s) 11121810




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KERN Moristure Analyser


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