Fat Analyzer SOX406

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Fat Analyzer

Brand: Hanon

Model: SOX406

Country of Origin: China


Fat Analyzer SOX406


Scope of application:

SOX406 Fat Analyzer can quickly separate one substance from solid or semi-solid mixtures, can determine the soluble organic compounds contained in foods, feeds, medicines, soil, sludge, polymers, fiber products, petrochemical products, detergents, rubber, plastics, and other materials.


  • Integral metal heating, while the scope and high precision of temperature control
  • The electric circuit is isolated from the extraction space, ensuring devices security
  • Over-temperature alarming and timer reminding functions are available
  • The timer circuit is isolated from the extraction space, ensuring device security
  • Triple alarms i.e. sound, light, LCD screen word prompts are available
  • Abundant interface contents give simultaneous display of given temperature, actual temperature, given time, and heating time
  • The lifting connection of linear bearing conduction technique gives smooth and comfortable lifting operation
  • Intelligent man-machine dialogue control system
  • Exclusive air insulation technique leaves the case in room temperature, has thermal insulation and temperature maintenance two functions
  • 3″ LCD screen and microcomputer control system are adopted
  • Technical data:

    Temperature range Room temperature +5℃~280℃
    Measuring range 0~100%
    Temperature accuracy ±1℃
    Sample weight 0.5~15g(generally 2~5g,depending on sample)
    Capacity per batch 6pcs/batch
    Solvent cup volume 80mL
    Solvent recovery ≥80%
    Shortened extraction time 20~80%
    Power supply 220VAC±10%, 50Hz
    Power 1KW
    Dimensions 650mm×320mm×715mm
    Net Weight 35Kg


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