Digital Dry Bath Model WB-02 SH-SCIENTIFIC KOREA

Digital Dry Bath 

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Model: WB-02
Country of Origin: KOREA


Digital Dry Bath

– Microprocessor controlled with digital display

– High quality aluminum block and heating elements provide excellent temperature uniformity

– Safe operation with a reliable overheating alarm and automatic shut off

– Easy calibrated for accuratetemperaturecontroland display

– Programmablemulti-sectioncontrolsenable a variety of incubation experiments

– Quick and easy temperature adjustment; Overheating safety switch

– A variety of block type available to suit every customer’s needs


Model WB-02
Temp. Range Ambient +5°C~120°C
Temp. Fluctuation @50~100°C:≤±0.15°C,@100.1~120°C:≤±0.2°C
Heating up Time Ambient temp 20°C to 120°C:≤15min
Temp. Uniformity @40°C:≤±0.3°C
Temp. Accuracy 0.1°C
Display LCD
Control 1
Timer N/A
IP class IP21
No.of block 1
Ambient 5°C~40°C
Relative Humidity ≤85%
 Dimension External (W×D×H)  262X143X96mm / 10.31×5.63×3.78”
 Power  100W
 Power Supply  220V, 60Hz
 Weight  1.2 kg


  • Standard Aceessory

– DBA05x1

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