CO2 Incubator 250L SPX-250BIV/SPX-250BL Topline USA

CO2 Incubator 250L Topline USA
Call: 01715 130348
Model: SPX-250BIV/SPX-250BL
Brand: Topline
Country of Origin: USA


CO2 Incubator 250L SPX-250BIV/SPX-250BL Topline USA

1.Unique internal wind circulation structure design, fan breeze circulation.

2.The double door structure, with high quality glass easy to observe the samples, the outer door with magnetic strip, good sealing.

3.Colour LCD display and 30-stage program temperature control, double evaporators and automatic control intelligent defrosting to long-term operating without defrost. standard independent temperature limiter, double protection for test safety.

BL mode additional characteristics:

1.5.0 inch touch display 30-stage program control, round move, ladder operating.

2.sensor failure alarm.



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