Circulating Water Bath (10.8L) SH-WB-11CDN SH Scientific Korea

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Oil Bath Digital (13L)
Model: SH-WB-10GDH
Brand: SH Scientific
Country of Origin: Korea

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Circulating Water Bath (10.8L) SH-WB-11CDN SH Scientific Korea


Circulating Water Bath contains both a circulation pump and a series of input-output nozzles in order to supply uniform water
temperature to a specified storage tank. With its powerful circulation and the distribution degree of constant temperature in the bath is sufficient.

Also, circulation with an external device such as an evaporator is made possible through this model.

– Excellent temperature accuracy by Digital Control

– Circulation Motor allows excellent temperature distribution

– External circulation port (possible to connect with an external device)

– Stainless Steel internal bath

– Safety assurance with C.E. conformity




Temp Range

Ambient +5℃ to 99℃ (Ambient + 9℉ to 210℉)

Temp Controller

Digital PID Controller

 Time Range

 00.00 to 99HR 59MIN (MIN SEC) Selectable Digital Display


 10.8 L

Heater Capa

800 W

Dimension Internal (W×D×H )

240x300x150mm 9.45×11.81×5.90”

Dimension External (W×D×H )

340x390x470mm 13.38×15.35×18.50”

 Top Open (WxD)

240x124mm  9.45×4.88”

Net Weight

10 Kg

Material Internal

Stainless Steel

Material External

Steel Plate with Powder Heating Coated

 Electrical Requirements
120v ,50/60Hz, 1Φ

6.7 A

Cat No.50 (60Hz)

WB11CDN120-50 (WB11CDN120-60)

 Electrical Requirements
230v ,50/60Hz, 1Φ

3.5 A


  • Accessory

– Bath Lid

  • Option

    -RS-485 interface

-RS-232C interface

  • Safety Device

– Automatic reset function incoming power cut
– Buzzer on when set time arrived
– Electric leakage circuit breaker

– Over-temperature protection

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