Bettersizer S3 Plus Particle Size and Shape Analyzer USA

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Particle Size and Shape Analyzer

Model: S3 Plus
Brand: Bettersizer
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Bettersizer S3 Plus Particle Size and Shape Analyzer USA


1. Bettersizer S3 Plus Particle Size and Shape Analyzer Overview 

The Bettersizer S3 Plus is a laser diffraction particle size and shape analyzer equipped with two high-speed CCD cameras (0.5X and 10X magnification) to capture images of the sample being measured. During measurement, the particles dispersed in the medium of choice are pumped through two sample cells. In the first one, short-wave laser light (532 nm) illuminates particles and is scattered. The 96 detectors detect optical signals in an angle range of 0.02° – 165°. The CCD cameras continuously take pictures of particles through the second sample cell to provide shape information in the range of 2 to 3500 µm.

2. Patented DLOI (Dual Lenses Oblique Incidence) System: Laser Diffraction 

Laser diffraction technology for routine particle size analysis remains the method of choice across various industrial sectors. The Bettersizer S3 Plus applies the patented DLOI system, which is designed based on the Fourier structure to guarantee the accurate measurement of ultrafine particles from 0.01 μm.

Features and Benefits:

  • Measures ultrafine particles accurately with the large angular range (0.02 – 165°) with 96 detectors
  • Robust optical system with superior resolution using the dual lenses design
  • Single short-wave laser system (532 nm) delivers a continuous scattering spectrum with a consistent wavelength
  • Zero stabilization and preheating time needed with a solid-state light source
3. Dual-Camera System: Dynamic Image Analysis 

Dynamic image analysis can strengthen your understanding of materials with the comprehensive shape or morphological information that is independent of laser diffraction. Individual particles with specific geometric properties such as agglomerates, crushed particles, and foreign particles can be effectively tracked through the dual-camera system.

Features and Benefits:

  • 0.5x and 10x cameras – photograph an extremely wide size range of particles
  • High-speed strobe lights – capture up to 10,000 particle images in 60 seconds, offering authentic shape results
  • Suitable for measuring heterogeneous samples with unknown optical properties


4. Groundbreaking Combination: Laser Diffraction with Dynamic Image Analysis 
The Bettersizer S3 Plus integrates laser diffraction and dynamic image analysis into one instrument to simultaneously characterize particle size, size distribution, and particle shape over a wide dynamic range. Working in tandem, users can gain a deeper understanding of material behavior to fasten the troubleshooting process and method development process.
Features and Benefits:
  • DLOI System – precisely measures ultrafine particles down to 0.01 μm
  • Dual-camera Imaging System – efficiently detects oversized particles up to 3,500 μm
  • 2-in-1 System – simultaneously obtains particle size and shape results
  • Fast time-to-result – rapidly generates results in 10 seconds

5. Applications 



Bettersizer S3 Plus
Parameter Measured
Particle size distribution Suspension, emulsion, dry powders
Particle shape
Principle Laser diffraction and dynamic image technologies
Analysis Mie scattering theory and Fraunhofer diffraction theory
Typical measurement time Less than 10 seconds
Measurement Performance
Measuring range 0.01 – 3500 μm (Laser System)
2 – 3500 μm (Image System)
Accuracy <0.5% (NIST certified standards)
Repeatability <0.5% (NIST certified standards)
Number of size classes ≤100 (adjustable)
Feeding mode Automatic circulation or semi-automatic circulation
Special functions Refractive index measurement, SOP settings
Image recognition Up to 120 fps, up to 10,000 particles per min
Main Device
Optical system Patented DLOI (Dual Lenses & Oblique Incidence) System
Laser Polarized light-pumped solid-state laser (10 mW / 532 nm)
Detector 96 detectors (forward, lateral and backward arrangements)
Measuring angle 0.02 – 165°
CCD cameras 0.5x and 10x *
Image analysis 1.2 megapixels
Dispersion Module
Circulation speed 300 – 2500 r/min
Circulation flow rate 3000 – 8000 mL/min
Untrasonication Dry run protection, Max 50 W (adjustable)
Circulation tank capacity 600 mL
Conformity 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 13320, ISO 13322, USP <429>, CE
Report Customizable reporting
System Parameters
Dimensions (L x W x H) 820 × 610 × 290 mm
Weight 48 kg
Voltage DC 24 V, 50 / 60 Hz, 20 W
Computer Configuration (Recommended)
Computer interface At least one high-speed USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port required
Operating system Windows 7 / Windows 10
Hardware specification Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, 500GB HD, two PCI-E X16 interfaces
* The Bettersizer S3 Plus is also available in a single camera (0.5x) model. Contact us for more information.


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