General-Purpose Oil Bath SH-SCIENTIFIC-SH-WB-10GDH-KOREA

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General-Purpose Oil Bath SH-SCIENTIFIC-SH-WB-10GDH-KOREA


A General-Purpose Oil Bath is made for samples that requires a temperature higher than 100°C. This is not respected by water’s boiling point at 100°C.

To accommodate this need, this equipment can process on a higher temperature upto 300°C.

It is commonly used in the fields of culinary, scientific researches and other related industries.

– Bath for temperature over 100℃

– Excellent temperature accuracy by Digital Control

– Durable structure against continuous operation

– Stainless Steel internal bath

– Safety assurance with C.E. conformity


  • Model SH-WB-10GDH
    Temp Range Ambient +10℃ to 300℃ (Ambient +18℉ to 572℉)
    Temp Controller Digital PID Controller
    Capa 13 L
    Dimension Internal 250x300x170mm
    (W×D×H ) 9.84×11.81×6.69”
    Dimension External 635x385x345mm
    (W×D×H ) 25.00×15.15×13.58”
    Weight 21 Kg
    Material Internal Stainless Steel
    Material External Steel Plate with Powder Heating Coated
    Heater Capa 2 KW
     Electrical Requirements
    120v ,50/60Hz, 1Φ 17.3 A
    Cat No. WB10GDH120
     Electrical Requirements 9.0 A
    230v ,50/60Hz, 1Φ
    Cat No. WB10GDH230
  • Accessory

– Heater cover

– Bath Lid

Safety Device

– Automatic reset function incoming power cut
– Buzzer on when set time arrived
– Electric leakage circuit breaker

– Over temperature protection

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Weight 21 kg


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