Digital sieve shaker (Electromagnetic) IRIS FTL-0300 Spain FLTRA VIBRACION

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Digital sieve shaker (Electromagnetic)
Model: FTL-0300
Country of Origin: Spain

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Digital sieve shaker (Electromagnetic) IRIS FTL-0300 Spain FLTRA VIBRACION

  • Description

    Compact and light electromagnetic sieve shaker, for sieves from 60 to 305 mm in diameter. Its three-dimensional motion throughout the sieve column makes it extremely effective when performing particle separation Granulometric tests, both dry and wet. It is manufactured in anodized aluminium with a polyurethane resin shell, it features a digital panel with power regulation, sieving time control and adjustments to enable continuous or intermittent sieving. The sieve fastening system comprised of two threaded rods fitted with Bakelite tightening knobs and methacrylate lid.


    >Sieve shaker with connecting cable

    > Methacrylate lid

    >Threaded closing system

    >User manual

    > CE declaration of conformity

    > Accessories in wet (optional).


  • Type: Electromagnetic

    Sieving: Dry/wet

    Application: Granulometric separation.

    Particle size*:

    from 20 μm to 125 mm wet sieving

    from 40 μm to 125 mm dry sieving

    Product motion: Three-dimensional

    Maximum amplitude: 2 mm

    Powerlevels: 9 Time

    display: from 1 to 99 min.

    Interval operation: from 1 to 9 s.

    Max. number of sieves:

    5 (ø300 X 80 mm h.)

    8 (ø305/315 X 55 mm h.)

    Sieve ø: from 250 mm to 315 mm**

    Voltage: 220/2240 V – 50/60 Hz

    Power: 400 W

    Current: 1,8 A

    Weight: 45 kg


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Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 40 × 31 × 13 cm


CISA Spain


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