Digital Centrifuge Digisystem DSC-303SD

Digital Centrifuge

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Model: DSC-303SD
Brand: Digisystem
Country of Origin: Taiwan


Digital Centrifuge Digisystem DSC-303SD


Auto-balancing system can extend motor life and reduce noise.

With safety interlock, it can prevent the lid from being opened during operation.

Forced fan air convection prevents the motor from overheating.

Precision digital timer can be set to 30 minutes with 10 sec. increment.

DSC-302SD can offer short runs by pushing the function key.

LED digital display enables users to monitor the present speed value and the remaining time.

An automatic brake system can offer rapid deceleration.

DSC-302SD features a see-through window.

The lid will be opened automatically once the rotor stops spinning


Model DSC-302SD
Motor DC motor
Timer 0-30 min. digital timer
Display LED digital display for time and speed
Weight 19.0/21.0
Dimension 390x505x290

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