Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope SB.1902 7x- 45x Rack & Pinion Stand Euromex Netherlands

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Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope
Model: SB.1902
Brand: Euromex
Country of Origin: Netherlands

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Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope SB.1902 7x- 45x Rack & Pinion Stand Euromex Netherlands

StereoBlue stereo microscopes from Euromex in the Netherlands are designed for professional use in laboratories, industry and education offering excellent optical performance and robust construction. A wide range of configurations are available to satisfy mechanical and electronic engineers, biologists, entomologists, geologists, as well as professions such as jewellers and dental technicians.

This model, StereoBlue SB.1902, is configured with a binocular head, rack and pinion stand and parfocal zoom objective providing variable magnification between 7.5x and 45x. The magnification can be further altered by using optional eyepieces and auxilliary lenses (download technical data sheet for more information). All lenses are anti-fungus treated and anti-reflection coated to maximise light throughput.

Illumination is provided by two sets of 3W LED in both incident and transmitted sub-stage configuration. Both illuminations can be used together or separately and the light intensity can be adjusted separately. Supplied with an external 100-240 V mains adapter/charger.

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Features include:

* Binocular head with 45° included tubes
* WF 10x/20 mm eyepieces with eyecups
* Both eyepiece with +/- 5 dioptre adjustment
* Interpupillary distance adjustable from 55 mm to 75 mm
* Zoom objective 0.7x – 4.5x, parfocal
* Total magnification 7x – 45x
* Field of View from 30.0 mm 4.6 mm
* Working distance 100 mm
* Maximum object height 193 mm
* Rack & pinion stand with coarse focus (21mm stroke) and carrying grip
* 2 object clamps
* 60mm transparent and black/white stage plates
* 3W LED illumination in both incident and transmitted, dimmable
* 5 Year warranty (2 years for electrical parts)
* Dimensions in mm: 364 (h) x 175 (w) x 266(d)
* Weight 3.6kg

Optical Data:

Objective lens  1x (Std)  0.5x  0.75x 1.5x 
Zoom range
7x – 45x 3.5x – 22.5x 5.3x – 33.8x 10.5x – 67.5x
100 mm 170 mm 114 mm 48 mm
Field of view
at min. zoom
30 mm 59.9 mm 40.0 mm 19.9 mm
Field of view
at max. zoom
4.6 mm 9.3 mm 6.2 mm 3.1 mm

Box contains:-
Microscope, power cord, dust cover, eye cups, spare fuse, 60mm diameter transparent and black/white stage plates and user manual. All packed in polystryene box.


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